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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much does the boat weigh?

    The boat weighs approximately 80# with the standard cockpit box below the apron, and the use of epoxy.  If you drop the box or add the towing MV hull it will add another few pounds.  If you opt to use polyester resins instead of epoxy, the fiberglass cloth weight increases to 10 oz instead of 6 oz and adds another few pounds.  Expect the boat to range from 80#-100#.


  2. How much does the boat cost?

    If you were to buy all of the materials from the Home Center, paying retail for all materials, it would cost about $400.00.   To go to polyester resin and heavier cloth would save approximately $100.00.  If you have access to standard grade lumber, you will save even more.


  3. Do I need special materials or marine grade lumber?

    NO!  The boat is not powered by an outboard and sits stationary in the water.  Materials are standard construction grade lumber of 1x pine, 2x pine, 1/4" plywood, 3/8" plywood, and 3/4" plywood.


  4. What is included with the plans?

    Everything you need to know to build the boat.  Step-by-step instructions, notes, material list, pictures, and options included for dropping the box for greater foot room and for making a towing hull are all included with the plans.


  5. How long does it take to build?

    Depends on what tools and help you have. Plan on spending at least 4 full days after the templates are cut out from the wood.


  6. Will I fit into the boat?  I'm 6'-5" and weigh 250#!

    Yes.  The cockpit size is large enough for most anyone at 7' long.  The foot area generally is the least comfortable and the plans show how to extend this area to provide more depth. The plans are also very easy to modify for additional width if needed but involves resizing the templates for the bow and stern areas. 


  7. Do you have any details of the hull modifications for towing?

    Yes.  The plans now include sketches and drawings for the towing hull with the standard template package.


  8. The plans call for 10 oz cloth.  Why so heavy?

    To be safe.  Polyester resins will need the 10 oz cloth, but epoxy will only require 6 oz to be used.


  9. Do I need to add floatation?

    No.  The bulkhead areas are sealed watertight and provide ample floatation.  The apron is wider than the box and the weight of the water would not be enough to sink the boat because of the apron displacement.  Fully loaded and filled with water it still floats above the waterline.


  10. Why do the lines stop on the edges of the paper templates?

    The prints have a 1" border due to the printing process.  The original pieces on the edge utilized the paper straightedge to eliminate some cutting of the patterns. Simply connect the ends with a straight edge and draw the lines in on the few pieces.

  11. Do the plans include instructions for the spray skirt or coaming?

    Yes.  The instructions include step-by-step procedures to make the coaming as well as material options and hardware assemblies.  Pictures and details are provided standard with the package.



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